We have been celebrating a variety of milestones in my family this spring. 

We enjoyed, for the third time, the 5th grade musical "Shh! We're Writing the Constitution." For our family's final time of enjoying the production, we were honored that Little J played the role of Mr. Abe Lincoln (yeah, we know Abe had nothing to do with writing the Constitution, but when you live in Central IL, Abe is always the star.)

C and J, went through Confirmation at their church. They had a huge "cheering section" for the ceremony: all four grandparents, a great aunt, a great uncle, one uncle, three aunts, their parents, and one little brother. I am sure there were many church friends in the audience as well. 
They are well loved.

The next morning, we celebrated J's graduation from 8th grade. 

At the same time, I celebrated 100,000 miles on my car. I'm so proud of it's accomplishment.


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