Trash to Treasures

Guest post by Little J

"Hey grandpa, look what I made!"

parts list:
old music reals - from grandpa's younger days
wood base - pulled from the donation box at Aunt A's
clear containers - saved from the recycling bin
doll rods - left over from Conservation Camp (circa 2010)
light socket and cord - found in Aunt A's work room
light bulb - new from Lowe's
lamp shade - temporary until we can get one with a wider base, new from Lowe's
red spray paint - from Aunt' A's stash

Making this lamp was both tricky and easy. First, we found a board and carved out a notch for the cord to go. Second we sanded it smooth. 

Then you can spray paint or brush to get color on it if you want. Next we cleaned the reels. We then tested to see if we could drilled through the jars and then drilled in the wood base where the doll rods could go and filled them with glue. After that we cleaned the jars out and dried them. We continued when they were dry and stuck the reels and jars over the doll rods.
When we got near the top we cut trimmed the doll rod off and stacked the last one so the top of the doll rod doesn't show. Then we got started on the electrical by wrapping the wire around the screws in the socket and tested the light by putting in the light bulb and plugging it in.
And to finish it off we put the shade on and we ended up with this.

I am going to put it in my room when I get home from my birthday weekend with Aunt A.


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