E.H.B. is back!

Do you remember me? I am E.H.B and today I will interview A.

EHB - "Hello Miss A!"

A - Hello E....I mean EHB."

EHB- "Hi. Let's start the interview. OK...giggle....giggle...this is funny. No you don't have to write that...NOO. stop. First question? How was your flight.?"

A -"It was delightful. I flew SAS and they have great customer service. My seat mate was a nice older gentleman who spoke to me, but mostly read his book and slept. I watched the movie???? I can't remember the name. It was just OK. I think I slept about 3 hours, but I don't really know for sure. We arrived about 10 minutes early, so it gave me extra time during my short layover in Coppenhagen."

EHB -"OK that is very good to hear. Did you get a rock-star welcome?"

A - "Yes, it was my biggest fan welcoming me."

EHB - "What does that mean? Just one fan?"

A - "Yes, your mom."

EHB - "OK. I'm sure that was a rock-star welcoming (voice dripping in sarcasm). What was the first thing you ate in Germany?"

A - "Oh dear, let me think. Your Poppie had a pot of tea waiting for us when we arrived. Ummm....What did we eat that night? Pumpkin soup! It was soooo good."

EHB - "I think so too. Especially because that evening I found out it tastes even better with bread. But let's get back to the point. Did you have jet lag?"

A - "I did not have jet lag. I was fulfilling my promise to you. Should I tell our blog friends what I'm talking about?"

EHB - "No, not yet. But it is very impressive that you did not have jet lag. Congratulations."

A - "Do you want to know the truth?"

EHB - "Did you lie to me?"

A - "Ummmm.....I suppose it was technically a lie, because I was exhausted, but since I promised you that I would not be jet lagged and would not take a nap, I just pulled myself together. It was mind over matter. Do you want to tell our blogger friends why I made that promise to you?"

EHB - "OK. You were coming over for my birthday, but I wanted you to come earlier so you wouldn't be jet lagged for my birthday and party. But you couldn't. So..."

A - "... I promised not to be jet lagged, although I knew it would be sooo hard. But it was worth it for my E."

EHB - "Talking about birthdays. Could you please tell me how you liked my birthday? Honest."

A - "Oh dear, now you think I will not tell you the truth. That is a good object lesson for us. Even lies that are meant in love loose trust. Sermon #7 from A. OK! I thought all of your birthday celebrations were spectacular. My favorite was the 6:30 a.m. party with Mandarin Orange Quark Cake!"

EHB - "And my birthday party (with my friends)? Was it very stressful for you?"

A - "No, it wasn't stressful. It was just different to work through the different languages. Your friends are just as amazing as you are. They did a great job understanding what I was saying. I was just nervous that some of the sewing directions and glass etching directions would be lost in translation."

EHB - "But they weren't?"

A - "If they were, I didn't know it."

EHB - "OK."

A - "Should we tell them what we did at the party? Or do you want to save that for another blog post?"

EHB - "No, I think now is a good idea. Well, we started by doing yarn art..."

A - "No it's not."

EHB - "Nooo, you're right. We started by eating mom's fantastic cakes. And then I opened the best gifts in the world. The most creative gifts. After that, we did the yarn art, which was a lot of fun. Then, we started to sew the pot holders. And we had to take turns on the sewing machines. When we weren't sewing, we were in the other room finishing the yarn art."

A - "Let's show them some pictures here."

EHB - "At last, we ate oven-fried parmesan chicken and seasoned potatoes. And finished my great birthday party with glass etching. Actually, I have to ask you questions, not you asking the questions. What was your favorite craft project?"

A - "I love how the yarn art looks. That was the first time I had done a project like that. But I didn't really help much with that one. I loved teaching your friends how to sew."

EHB - "OK. Interesting. And the glass etching?"

A - "It was just OK. I felt rushed. And there is not much skill development in it. But they all turned out cute. I wish there were more etching cream for us to keep doing more projects, but I guess we really don't need a bunch more glass containers around the house. But I think it would be fun to do a special drinking glass for each of you."

EHB - "I would love to do more glass etching. And we don't have to keep it all. I gave all of my previous projects away to other people."

A - "You have a very generous spirit. It is one of the many things I love about you."

EHB - "I didn't want compliments. I just wanted to throw in the idea. But thank you! Um....Let's get to the end of our interview. One last question. Have you adjusted to our time yet?"

A - "No not yet. But I got a nice nap this afternoon, so maybe I'll sleep during the night tonight."

EHB - "Thank you for the interview Miss A. Now to our blog friends...if you want more blog posts written by me and my siblings (Princess Ballerina and Captain America) just comment or send A an email. OK That is it for today. Bye!"


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