It's tradition

Every summer a daily To Do List gets created for the 4-H Show and summer events.
Today was the 2011 Calendar Creation Event.


The month of July looks the same. August is a little less writing.

All the credit goes to my CFA. She wrote it all out while I juggled the other Must Get Done Today items.

It actually gets more added to it, because if something else comes up that we get done, we write it on there, just so we can mark it off as done. :) That pink highlighter is a beautiful thing.


To help keep our sanity we laugh at ourselves a lot and we write down the things that make us laugh. Today was a 2 Quote day. We have two funny post-its reminding us to take it all in stride.

me "If I could get my act together I would be lethal."

my CFA "Aren't you glad I'm here because it makes your random mumblings seem half way legitimate."

On a more serious note, a wonderful friend of mine is in need of a liver transplant. Her liver is causing her a lot of problems right now. She is in the hospital and needs our prayers and Jesus' healing.


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