Birthday weekend highlights

One of the traditions that I have created with my nieces and nephew are to do a special birthday weekend. All three of them come along for the fun, but I try to do something special with the birthday girl/boy for a portion of the weekend. Sometimes I "surprise" them with the special event. Sometimes I ask them for ideas. This time, the oldest J, came to me with an idea.

J asked if I would take her rock climbing. Well she came to the right person. I would love to take her rock climbing!

There is a great rock climbing place in her home town. It used to be a grain silo. Years ago, I took a group of 4-Hers rock climbing there. I think that was my first time rock climbing.

And now, J gets to have her first rock climbing experience there also.

The owner of the climbing gym was our belayer. He did a great job encouraging and teaching J.
She was a little hesitant at first. He had her climbing a few "steps" and then let go and just hang. It took her a bit to really get going. She kept asking if she could come down.
When she asked if she could come down, he would have her let go and hang out on the end of the rope. He would just hold her there and have her take a couple of deep breathes and shake out her arms.
I went first to give her a chance to see what it looks like. Then she took her first try. And this is a photo of me on my second turn. 

 After a rest, J was ready to go again.
This time she said she was going to make it to the window.

She reached her goal and we encourage her to keep going. She didn't go much farther than this, but it was really high for a 9 year old.

We spent the night at her house that night. It was fun to hear her tell her mom, dad and siblings all about her experience. Super memories!

Some of the other highlights of our birthday weekend....
 Just J and I playing at the park, while we waited for the rock climbing gym to open.

Science experiments.

 Roasting pumpkin seeds
 Tour at the local chocolate/candy factory

 We are always trying out different parks. We enjoyed a picnic, roller skating and playing at a new one.
 Sunday after church we checked out Bass Pro.

(little J is pretending to fall out of the boat)
We also enjoyed a late lunch/early dinner at Cracker Barrel. We were there when there were not many people, so we got to play checkers and look around the store.

Fun times!

Happy Monday~ A


  1. What a fun weekend! Your pictures are great. I especially like the B/W portrait of J, with the little strand of hair across her face. Just beautiful.


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