Some of my favorite blogs

Enjoying the Small Things
Kelle Hampton  is a photographer, mom, wife and a free spirit. Her youngest daughter has Downs Syndrom. She writes about real life.

Keeper of the Home
This blog is a hit or miss for me. I usually check it, but don't always read the whole article. It all depends on the topic for the day. It is always health related and mostly directed towards raising children.

Quiet Life
This is my friend Miz Booshay. She is one of the visiting bloggers for The Pioneer Woman - Photography section. I took a photography class with Miz Booshay this past spring. She is a wonderful lady. You can read more about my experience here and here.
The goal of her personal blog is to encourage others. Her photos are only to enhance her words of encouragement.

Big Mama
Melanie is a funny Texas lady who writes about her everyday life. Her stories include her elementary age daughter, her husband, fashion advice, hair styling advice and shopping at HEB. She is also a two time Compassion blogger, which means she goes on a Compassion International mission trip and blogs throughout the trip.

A Holy Experience
Another Compassion blogger. I believe that is how I found this blog, via the Compassion web site. I love reading Ann Volkcamp's devotions. She is a deep writer. Very insightful and thought provoking.

Marriage Confessions
Real life stories about marriage and raising children. (I'm just studying for my future.)
Katie writes about her marriage to Chris and her two toddlers Bean and Gracie. Every once in awhile we will also catch a glimpse of her sister and parents.

Pleasant View Schoolhouse
This is always a very quick read. Usually a photo and few sentences. Always enjoyable.

Tami Paige Photography
One of my "study" blogs. Tami posts about her new photography business and I try to learn everything I can from her.
She's been on a blogging hiatus for a little while. I hope she is OK and will be blogging again soon.

The Lettered Cottage
An interior design blog focused around Do It Yourself projects. Written by a super fun sounding couple with great photography and computer design skills.

Those are just the "big" blogs - the ones written by people I don't know personally. I have several more blogs written by friends of mine. I'll save those for another day.


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