Practice Run

This weekend, I traveled south to babysit my nieces and nephew. When I got to their house, little J answered the door for me. Both of us were surprised to see a little package sitting on the doorstep.

While I make a couple of trips to bring in my bags, the kids opened the package to find a note from St. Nicholas.

Dear J, C & J ~
As I was doing a practice run before Christmas eve, I accidently dropped a bag in your area. Can you ask your mom and dad for permission to go looking for the things that were in the bag?
If it is dark outside, please bundle up nice and warm, stick together and use your flashlights.
According to my inventory that bag had the following items inside:
A popcorn bowl
Recipe cards with a mini rolling pin
Gift box shaped like a tree
Angle Candle holder
Magnetic Christmas frame
Our Christmas book
Charlie Brown Christmas book
Three goodie bags
Happy Birthday Jesus pencil case
Four glitter stars
Thanks for your help!
Merry Christmas and God’s Special Blessings~
St. Nicholas 

As Big J read the note out loud, the other two looked over her shoulder. It took them a little bit to realize what it meant. They asked their mom and dad if it was OK. When they got permission, they started jumping up and down. Just silently jumping up and down. Pure excitement. 

The next several minutes were spent rounding up their needed supplies: warm clothes, flashlights and a bag to carry the items.

The night sky was filled with a beautiful full moon. It was cold but not too cold. We trekked around the yard and hunted for about 30 minutes, collecting our treasures.

(The black nose is from school. It is part of his Clifford costume.)

They were very careful to follow St. Nicholas' directions and stick together.
They found "the most beautiful" stars hanging in the bushes.

The Our Christmas book landed on the basement door.
Some of the things were in the trees, on the picnic table, swing set, fence post, and porch. It was a miracle that nothing landed on the roof or really high in the trees. Amazing, isn't it!?!

They were very proud of themselves that they found everything. We even had to go knock on the neighbor's door to tell them about our adventure.

While the girls and I made a special snack, little J got busy decorating the Christmas tree box. 

We enjoyed the rest of the night, eating popcorn, drinking hot chocolate and watching old Christmas cartoons.

Fun memories!

On Saturday, my brother stopped by the house to join us for a quick snapshot. My parents needed it for their Christmas card.

Happy Tuesday!

St. Nicholas may have gotten his inspiration from this


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