New Year's Eve

I know a very special group of people. Well actually I know lots of special groups of people. But today I want to tell you a little bit about the New Year's group of people.

One of my nutrition friends, R, and her husband host a New Year's Eve party every year. They invite a large group of church friends (include R's parents), their neighbors and me. I'm so grateful to be included in the group, because it is a really cool group of people. And it is a really cool party.

Everyone brings food to share and we eat dinner together. Eating together always seems to bring people closer together.

This year, R's husband then shared a devotional about setting goals rather than making resolutions. He may have done it last year, but I was late and would have missed that part of the evening. 

Then two of the guys led us in singing some praise music. 
The Well by Casting Crowns. Click and the picture to listen to the song.

A room full of friends singing praise music with guitars - how much better can New Year's get?

Oh I know, lets add in the Word of God.

Mix a large serving of cool kids.

Plus some beautiful women who are wonderful role models.

Then add in a big topping of games.
Catch Phrase - a tradition

Konexi - you should check out this game. It is a fun and challenging game that all ages can play.

Now that is what I call a great mix for a beautiful New Year's Eve party! 

No matter where God takes us on our journey thru life, this is a group of people I will continue to make a point to stay in touch with!


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