Pretty pictures

These were both taken in my parent's sun room. Throughout the winter, they keep their bird feeders full. It is so pretty to sit in there and watch the sun come up, the birds flitter about, the snow fall, the sun set and the stars and moon shine. 

The quote on the violet photo is from this blog post...

It is a must read!

Actually all of her posts are a must read. 


My friend E and I went and saw this movie. Incredibly Loud and Extremely Close.

I average about one movie theater visit a year. Our trip to the theater was a last minute chance to hang out. Neither of us had anything in particular in mind that we wanted to go see. While I was out and about that day, I heard a good review on Plugged in Movie Review and so we picked this one. It was a super great movie. Highly recommended. 

It even comes close to me saying that it was worth the outrageous ticket prize at the theater...but not quite.  It is definitely a must rent :).


I've been reading Same Kind of Different as Me.

A few year's ago, I read this book for the first time. In my hunt through my boxes in the garage, this is one of the books I was able to get to. I'm glad I did. It is a great story. Heart wrenching, eye opening, shocking, well told story about friendship, God's call on your life, compassion and true sacrificial love.

In exchange for friend birthday parties, my sister hosts a Valentine's Day party for her two girls and their friends. We've been on the look out for some fun games and crafts. Here are some ideas I've passed on to her...

And a word search.

I also think we should make some type of banner with triangles of paper and ribbon or string. 
And wrap a cute skinny ribbon around a Clementine with a note saying "Orange you a Cutie!?!"
And read the story book The Princess and the Kiss
I am sure she also has ideas percolating in her head. Any ideas you can share with me?

Happy Wednesday


  1. I loved Same kind of different as me too! Come to think of it, I think you recommended it to me several years ago. I read it last winter and was so applicable to what we were/are going through with our foster care experience.
    Love reading your blog!
    Jill S


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