Birthday weekends are for the brave and creative

I was so honored when my niece C, ranked her "Birthday Weekend" up with her vacation to Disney World. 

Little J and C both asked to go Rock Climbing for their Birthday Weekend. They also wanted to go on a creek walk and ride a horse. The creek walk got nixed because of the scary stories about snakes in the creek and the horse ride got nixed because of the heat. 

With the temps up in the 100s, our typical Birthday Weekend traditions did not happen. I usually keep the TV off all weekend and we play outside as much as possible. 

Here's what we did instead:

Tried a new restaurant.

Spent 5 hours at the Children's Museum and could have stayed another 5 and never get bored.

Braved the heat only long enough to walk from the museum to the car. 

Played in the sprinkler in the shade for a very short amount of time.

Spent a relaxing afternoon with no agenda, watching movies, having a picnic on the living room floor, playing with the dog and taking a little rest.
because we had an important task ahead of us for the evening.

We had rocks to climb!

As we were all starting to fall asleep on the first night of our "weekend" C says "I love Birthday Weekends."

The next day, after getting out of the bath, Little J wraps himself in a towel and with his sweet smile says "This smells like you Aunt A!"

I'm so glad to have the opportunity to spend these special times with them and fill a treasure chest of memories. I'm looking forward to more adventures with these three.


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