Summer Fun Ideas

For Kids: Give them a collection of items from the recycling bin, a pair of scissors and a roll of tape (or glue). Then give them the freedom to make whatever they want. Some of my favorite items: empty box, toilet paper roll, paper towel roll, newspapers, old cards, slick paper from junk mail, egg cartons, plastic bottle caps. 

For the adventuresome: Go to a tire repair shop and buy a truck or wagon tire tube. Find a nice gentle creak and float down the creek. 

For the outgoing: Think of someone or a a group of someones who you have admired and invite them over for tea. Invite them to bring a sweet treat to share and the recipe. Send everyone home with copies of the recipe.

For the bargain hunter: Find a Family Video or go to the library and rent free kids movies. Then take the time to sit and watch them.

For the person with a servant's heart: Contact your local 4-H office and ask them where they need your help at the 4-H Show and volunteer. If you aren't sure who to call in your area, send me a comment and I'll either recruit you for myself or track down the office in your area.

Happy Tuesday


  1. Love the last one! You would be appalled at the request list that we sent out today for ours. Let me know if you need anything for yours!


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