I found my Prince

The timing wasn't the best. 

Actually it was the worst possible time to be making big decisions.

On the first day of 4-H Show set up, I made an offer on this 

Throughout the month of August I learned a lot about what it takes to close on a house. The most important thing I learned was to ask a lot of questions. The next important thing I learned was to recruit experts to help.

My brother in law took care of all financial details.
My brother specialized in insurance and the initial offer. 
A friend from church helped with the original inspection.
My dad is now heading up the remodeling and repairs.

For the past three weeks we have been working several nights/days each week stripping and sanding 700 square feet of hard wood floors. 

Praise the Lord that one of my volleyball teammates let us borrow an industrial sander from his work

 Tonight, dad and I finished up (I think) all of the sanding. Now we start the major job of cleaning up all of the dust that has coated everything. Once that is done, we'll move on to staining and varnishing. I anticipate it will be another two weeks before it is ready to have furniture moved in.

Once I get moved in, the remodeling will continue with a few updates.

The mirrored closet doors in both bedrooms will get replaced.

The black lacquered fan is outta here! I tried to pawn it off on my brother, but he turned it down. 

And this "beautiful" wall of wallpaper is coming down. I'm on the lookout for design ideas to replace it. It is the only "blank" (no windows, no doors) wall in the main room. There is beautiful natural light in that room. I would love to make that wall a photo backdrop wall. 

Thankfully, there are many beautiful antique details that will remain.

This is not antique details. This is a photo of some of the windows on the enclosed front porch. Another favorite part of the house.

Please come visit me and I'll gladly give you a real life tour. If you stop by soon, I may even put you to work :).

333 Prince ST


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