Steve, Steph and Steven

Steve is sometimes referred to as Papa Bear.
 He had the tough job of walking down the aisle for the second time in his life. The first time was his own wedding. This time it was with the first of his three daughters, Steph.
Steph walked down the aisle for the first time with her husband Steven.

I wonder if they will name one of their children Stephan?

Steph is one of my CFA's. (Cousin/Friend/Alumni). 
Growing up, I LOVED the weekends that I got to spend at their house. I usually babysat one night but got to spend the whole weekend there. 

Then I went away to college and missed a couple of years babysitting.

After I graduated, Steph and her sisters were too big to have babysitters any more, but thankfully my new job working with 4-H brought even more opportunities to be together and learn from each other.

I was go thankful to get spend her wedding weekend with her and get to see behind the scenes. 

My ramblings and photos are amateur compared to these other posts. Check out Seth Morris Photography

Here are some scenes from my point of view

 Steph wrote Steven a letter that was delivered to him by his new sisters-in law, before the ceremony.
 Steven's mom and sister created this in the entry way to the church.
 Steph and her crew went to a lot of work to decorate the altar for the ceremony. 
 My CFA shared her servant's heart with her dear sister. She was a perfect Bridesmaid.
 I was the guest book attendant/guest photographer. I got to take photos of all of the wedding guests. Meet my parents.
 My sister and BIL and you've already met J, Little J and C.

 My cousins.
 More cousins.
 Another cousin - check out her cute shoes.
 MP 4-H volunteers. 
 more volunteers
 more volunteers
 Another cousin.
 Ah, 4-H alumni all grown up. 
 My bro.
 Another set of 4-H alumni.
 4-H alumni
 Cousin (her husband was on a trip.)
 Aunt and Uncle.
 Me and my aunt.

The next Bride and her groom. Baby cousin gets married next summer.

Happy memories!


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