It's official, my brother is a dork

When I asked him to pose for this picture so I could post it on my blog, he replied "I don't want to be on your blog. Only dorks are on blogs."

Well, he obviously doesn't follow my blog. Or he would have known he has been a dork for awhile...

The reason I asked him to pose for me was that he and my dad had just finished replacing my attic stairs.

The original ones worked fine when I moved in. But then when I needed to get up to the attic to do some re-wiring (OK, it was my dad who needed to get up there to do rewiring) the stairs would not pull down. 

With some elbow grease and only one fall from the ladder, they got them replaced.

The new stairs pull down much easier. I still need to cover the bare wood and fix the trim, but for now, they work and that was all I needed to move on to the next project.

Replacing this....
and this.

Stay tuned for the updated photos of my "new" light fixtures. They are so pretty.

Thanks Dad and baby brother for all of your hard work!


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