Tis the Season to....

....wish you a Merry Christmas.

I enjoyed putting together my Christmas card this year. I wanted to include some groups of my friends, family and co-workers who play big parts of my "everyday" life. 

I know you have heard many stories about my family. You may have also heard a story or two about volleyball, work or The Girls. Now let me introduce you to them.
This is my Wednesday night volleyball team (with a sub from Tuesday night). We are actually missing two players. One is out on maternity leave and the other was sick the night we took the photo. The four guys are teammates that I have played with for at least 8 years. 

The guy on the far right is one who elbowed me in the head back in April. 

The girl on the left is one of my former 4-Hers from M-P. 

This past fall, I started playing on Tuesday night as well. This particular Tuesday night, we played against some of my Wednesday night teammates, so I was able to get a picture with a few more teammates. Cameras and team photos at volleyball are very unusal. I am thankful that I have these two photos for my archives.
The Girls (minus two) traveled from near and far for my birthday. Super fun night and so special to have them make  time to get together. I have known these lovely ladies since my college days. Even though our lives have moved us many miles apart, we are the type of friends who will be sitting in the nursing home together. :)

This wonderful group of people are the ones whom I get to see almost everyday at the office. One co-worker was out sick the day we took the photo. And the other 32 co-workers are in our other 3 offices.
I will let you do your own google search to find our staff page to put names with faces. 

Even though you already know my family, since they are featured on the blog so often, I still wanted to share this photo with you. 
My brother got married this summer. It was a casual wedding on a beautiful summer day. This is my entire family. We are excited to be adding one more in March, as my brother and his wife are expecting their second son. 

It takes me a long time to put together a Christmas card each year. Some years I don't send one out because I never think of an idea I like well enough. Even though I was very last minute with getting these finished up, I am happy I was able to come up with an idea this year. 

 Merry Christmas and Happy New Year
~ A


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