Favorites of 2014

Even though we are already two weeks into 2015, I would still like to wish you a Happy New Year. 
Before the year gets too far ahead of me, I wanted to share my 2014 wrap up with some of my favorite photos. This year, I decided to throw in a few other favorite things of my own. 

The favorite thing and the favorite photo may or may not be related to each other.

The photos are ones that I took and edited. Some of them were chosen as a favorite because of the eye appealing beauty. While others where chosen for the beauty within the story captured in the photo. And some fall into both categories. 

Favorite NCIS Episode - May 13 - Honor Thy Father

Favorite new TV show - Madame Secretary

Favorite Adventure - Our "Narnia" adventure

Favorite New restaurant (to me) - Station 220 in Bloomington

* I don't remember if J or C took this photo *

Favorite flower arrangement - This one! 

Favorite Roadtrip - April 19 to Quincy

Favorite candy - Happy Pills (These are my favorites every year.)

* Steph took this photo *

Favorite new challenge - being a second shooter for Steph Zimmerman photography

* Steph took this photo also *

Favorite new clothing store - The Pink Poodle, Madison, WI

Favorite New food - Chocolate Shoppe Ice Cream from Madison, WI


Favorite new grocery store - Fresh Thyme Farmers Market, Indianapolis, IN



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