Happy Birthday CJD

I wish I could use her full name. It is a beautiful name. If I had a little girl, I would name her after CJD. Not just because she has a beautiful name, but because she is beautiful inside and out.


CJD and I have had our fair share of adventures together. The first time I met her she was 4 years old, hiding behind her dad's legs. He brought her into the office to pick up forms to sign up her older brothers for 4-H. CJD wouldn't talk to me.

circa 2002

One summer later, she was my unofficial assistant throughout the 4-H Show. For 3 days, anytime she could convince her mom to let her go, she was by my side. At that point in time, I did not know her family very well. CJD told me a very detailed story about the dairy cow her grandpa had given her. The story even included its ear tag number. I was totally convinced that she was telling me the truth. I had no idea that her grandparents do not live on a dairy farm. It was years later before I discovered that the story was all in her imagination. 

In the mean time we became great friends. It was always a great day when CJD would stop by the office for a visit.

This was one of my favorite adventures that we went on together. A fancy dinner out for her birthday and she asked if we could take our American Girl dolls with us. Since I didn't have one, she brought one for me. 


Oh wait! Space Camp was one of my favorite adventures with CJD. That was a trip of a lifetime and I was so blessed to have gotten to experience it with her and 50 other junior high youth. ;) How many friends can say they flew a space shuttle mission together, experienced a mission control emergency and lived to tell about it?

 I'm not quite sure how many 4-H Shows we went through together. Was it 10? Or 11?

 This is one of my favorite photos from my M-P 4-H days.


I am looking forward to many more game nights and basketball games and graduation parties and all of the new adventures we will go on together.

Happy Birthday sweet friend!

My current remodeling project is gaining momentum. 
It has been a dusty mess, but I am determined it is going to be beautiful when I am done. Stay tuned for the final results.


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