An interview with Princess Ballerina

A - "Tell me what to write."
PB - "I don't know. You have to help me."
A - "OK, an interview with Princess Ballerina."
PB - :D
PB - "I don't want to be Princess Ballerina in my blog. And not Banana. What I want to be is ..... wait!....I have to think what I want to be. I want to bbbbeeeeee........ I want to be Princess (my real name)."
A - "We can't use your real name on the blog."
PB - "OK. I want to be Princess Ballerina."
A - "Princess Ballerina, tell our blog readers more about yourself."
PB - "My friend is Miss A. You have to write in the blog what I say."
A - "OK. I'm ready."
PB - "No, you have to write what I say. I said that, so write it."
A - type type type
PB - "I have a clock." (She means watch.)
PB - "I say to A, Miss A. I say to mommy, Miss Mommy. 
     I am walking on snow (she stepped on my white computer mouse.) 
    A is in my house. She is not going to stay long in my house. She is not going to live here. And she is going to find eggs with us. Easter eggs! And that is going to be fun! To find eggs in the garden from other house."
A " from another house?"
PB - "No other."
A - "I don't know what that means."
PB - "So, other house means you go to other people, they not live in your house, but you know them. And now back to the interview."

PB - "Miss A is sleeping in the guest room in my house. A is nice. So A is my friend."
A - "I think we already covered that."
PB - "No, I said A is nice. Now I say A is my friend."
A - "OK"
PB - "And she will stay to my house.  giggle......Now you have to write my laugh."
A - "Giggle"
PB - "GIGGLE giggle GIGGLE Meow, Woof, woof, woof, deeper sounding giggle, HAH Kethcup! ketchup (x 10)
     Now back to the clock!
     A, STOP, do not write that up."

(We had to take a break in the interview to talk about animals. We played a guessing game on whose house has a cat and fishes that live together.)

A - "Alright shall we go back to the interview. I have a couple of questions."
PB - "Yes, what are they (as she bounces up and down on the bed.) Do you have a backyard at your house?"
A - "Yes, I have a back yard, but I was going to ask  you questions."
PB - "Do you have a clock?
A - "How old are you?"
PB - "Five. How do you do?"
A - "What was special about this morning?"
PB -"I don't know."
A - "What do you mean you don't know?"
PB - "I DON'T KNOW. What is special? I am a lion."
A - "What did you do at school this morning?"
PB "Easter breakfast."
A - "What did you have?"
PB - "Schoko Bons."
A - "What are schoko bons?"
PB - "That is chocolate for kids."
A - "We found pictures of E.H.B. and Captain America. Did you want to talk about them in your blog?"
PB - "They are my.....Captain America is my brother. What is, what is....A....don't write that....(then she grabbed my hands and really made me stop) E.H.B. is my sister. STOP. A. STOP! I said STOP. Why do I have to have house shoes in my house?"
A - "They keep your feet warm."
PB - "BUT WHY!?!"
    Why do you have an apple on your computer."
A - "Hmmmmmmm"
PB - "Did you write hmmmmm?"
    Why do you have an apple on your computer?"
    I want to see my photo in my blog...down down down.....look away. OK"
A - "Do you want the other pictures in it, or not?"
PB - "No just that. I want to take pictures."
A - "OK we have to finish the blog first. You have to be patient."
PB - "What is patient?"
A - "It is waiting peacefully."
PB - "It is the fruit of the spirit. The fruit of the spirit is not a coconut. (click click)"
A - "OK, how do we want to sign off? Say goodbye?"
PB - "Underwater, it is wetter. Underwear, underpants. giggle giggle."


  1. Very funny! Loved to read it over and over! Great Job, PB & A!


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