German lessons

Hello, this is EHB. I hope you all enjoyed Captain America's blog. My Brother is right, I am sick. Last Saturday I got sick and now it's the same again! Well, whatever. I am supposed to wright about A's, Princess Ballerina's and my German lessons.

I printed some papers out (picture) and told A to do them. Well you probably already thought, that she did not get them done alone. :(
We started with the German alphabet. A wrote a lot of notes for herself, but she wants me to tell you that she has it down pretty good..... but that's the only thing she has down.

We're not very far yet, very important stuff is still missing in our lessons. I gave her homework on Friday (our first lesson) due Saturday and she did not really do them (A is protesting. She says she tried to do her best, well not enough for me). She should learn the verb-conjugation..... as of today she can't do it yet. GROAN! :(


Well, the good of this story is, that she still can say her 2 sentences that she learned in 2010:
1.) Eine Kuh sagt "Muh, muh".
2.) Eine Hexe sagt Eidechse.

Princess Ballerina had to learn how to write A's real name by heart as her  homework. She is doing very good. Almost better than A.

Now that I bashed A, she wants me to tell about the nice things we did.
We already did lots of sewing lessons and sewed a dress for my doll Samantha.

Love E.H.B.


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