a quick story

I have a quick story for you, because it is late and I'm exhausted.

I borrowed my dad's truck this weekend to work on my landscaping. I made a quick trip home tonight to switch vehicles back to their rightful owners. In addition to getting my car, I was also picking up an old metal lawn chair. The chair was from my grandparents' house and my dad was fixing the leg on it before I took it home to refurbish. (Are you following me OK? I just used the word home twice and they each mean a different location.)

Just in case you are not following me, let me sum it up. I have a dirty metal chair in the back seat of my car. I am driving. It is dusk. (Now the scene is set for the important part of this story.)

Out of the corner of my eye, I see something moving in the seat next to me. I calmly glance over and see a little frog sitting on my purse. As I am glancing back and forth between the road and the frog it jumps to my dash.

As long as it doesn't jump on me and I can see where it is, then I am OK with my passenger taking a tour of my car. So I let it be and keep driving.

I start to get nervous when the frog gets close to the vents in the front window/dash. So I pulled over and took inventory of my car. Praise the Lord I had the perfect frog catching container with me.

There is just a small sealed portion in the top that is meant for a candle. The water and flowers are just for looks. Tonight, it was just for frogs.

I let my new friend loose in my yard. I'm hoping my prince charming is sitting in the metal lawn chair tomorrow.


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