And now for the rest of the story

I'm sorry. I wrote this way back on Oct. 10....posted it for a few hours and then "stole" it from you and took it off. I decided to get permission to post the last picture and then.... and then.....well I will tell you the rest of that story at the end.

I had to wait awhile before I could share the rest of the story from my Colorado adventure.

As soon as Em picked me up from the airport we headed to lunch at this great deli. As we are eating lunch, catching up, and making plans for our week, she casually mentions she has a doctor's appointment in Denver....

as she turns her phone around to show me this photo
Her and her husband are expecting their first child in April. She was feeling the effects of her first trimester, so it gave us plenty of time to veg out on the couch, take a daily nap, and watch plenty of NCIS. 

They had a creative way to tell each of their families and close friends. Each of us have a different story. This past week, they added another creative announcement to the list when they posted it to facebook.

This cutie patootie is looking forward to having a cousin to play with.

When I called to ask permission to post this precious photo of this precious baby, her precious mom said "Sure, we don't mind. But you may want to change the last sentence of your blog post. You can add that she is excited to have a baby cousin AND baby sister/brother to play with."

So both of my baby cousins are having babies this spring. 

The second baby announcement looked like this...


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