Cyber Hugs to the Birthday Girl

It is 4,381 miles from my house to hers. 
Typically it takes 24 hours to travel from door to door.
And yet, if she needed me to, I would drop what I was doing and be on her door step ASAP.

Thankfully, nothing serious enough has happened to need to make that call. But there have been many times we have wished for either a teleport machine or a personal plane. 

Today is one of those days where I wish for those machines. Today is International J's birthday and birthdays are always more fun when you can celebrate with friends. 

In the past 17 years, I have been able to celebrate with her on her birthday once. But there have been many years I have celebrated my birthday with her. I can think of 3 off the top of my head....let me look and see if I can find pictures.....



2001 (I think)

As you can tell, she is very good about making my birthday fun and full of surprises. 

If I could, my birthday surprises for her this year would include:
Me taking the kids out for breakfast and a morning adventure to allow her to sleep late.
When she decided to get up, there would be waiting on the breakfast table an American chocolate donut with frosting, a pot of tea, fresh bread, and fresh fruit, along with a variety of gifts all wrapped individually.

I would use my teleporter or personal plane to fly her to India to snuggle with her new niece for the afternoon.

Dinner would be with a small group of her close friends, playing games, telling stories, and lots of laughter. 

The whole day would be absent of dirty dishes, cooking meals, cleaning house, arguing children, and rain. There would be lots of birthday cards in the mail, phone calls from family and friends, and time to be leisurely. 

If there was any time left over, I would give her the chance to watch a new episode of NCIS. :)

Since my teleporter is still in the prototype stage and my pilot is on vacation, I am going to have to settle for sending a cyber hug to the birthday girl!

Happy Birthday dear friend! You are the best Banana a Chiquita could ever stick to!


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