You can be a star

In April, I got to spend some quality time with International J and her crew: E. H. B, Princess Ballerina, and Captain America

We always find (or make up our own) fun adventures. Today's featured adventure is the variety show starring E.H.B and Princess Ballerina, with me as guest host. 

Princess Ballerina was in charge of planning our adventure and she picked going on a photo adventure that included lunch at the coffee shop, time waiting out the rain at the library, and playing at the park. Our playing at the park was not so fun because the equipment was wet and we had a little accident due to slippery floors. So rather than cut our adventure short, Princess Ballerina chose to play at the little stage at the park.

We each took turns playing the role of announcer, star, and camera crew. 

There was singing...

and dancing....
recitations of our respective pledges....

and cartwheels. 

The camera crew covered all angles of the show. I wish I had a video of some of the acts. We had a ball laughing, being goofy, using our imaginations, cheering each other on, and getting outside our comfort zones. 

Since we were debuting our show in my hometown, I'm thankful it was a school day and the park was empty. But I think the man across the street got a few laughs with our entertainment.


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